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Why I am no longer a libertarian.


My first political party was the libertarians. To me it made perfect sense. Government was a danger to freedoms, and business was needed to keep an economy strong and flowing. Yes, I knew all about the Austrian  School and Ron Paul. I arrogantly thought I had the right economic and social policy at at fourteen.

I think what attracted me most was the strong anti-war sentiment, something I still hold dearly.

But something happened all at once…and that was reality.

My father was involved in a bad wreck that was not his fault (he is a wheelchair user) and we won the court case against the man who hit my father. Then that man went bankrupt….and the hospital came after us. They wanted both our properties, but we had a sympathetic judge and he arranged it so that he only took the property that had our house on it.

Th other property has a building on it that we fixed up (with a lot of help form our community) into a livable house. It is still not entirely ready, but it is good enough for us. We only got by sheer luck, and the kindness of others.

My mother worked over a decade in the hot cafeteria of a university. She kept getting weaker and weaker. To the point where her doctor forced her to retire. When she was retired she was in her late 50’s, had no insurance, and had a medical condition. I hope you can imagine what happened next. No private insurer would take her, and we tried everywhere, but we could not afford the fees that they would charge for her.

We ended up having to wait till she was old enough for medicare, two years. Th first spell I ever did was for my mother to keep her health, until she got medicare. I remember being so scared she was going to die on me and had nightmares about it.

But she ended up holding out, then…it was by turn. In my year I had a mental breakdown and was suffering mild psychosis and depression. My grades went down the toilet…..and my family would not have been able to afford my treatment without government help

My family would be in pieces in a truly libertarian society, that I longed for when I was a stupid fourteen year old.