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That’s it! I am offically going vegan


After reading so many reports about the drought I have decided that I can no longer eat dairy and eggs with a clear conscience.

Livestock farming is the number one source cause of global warming for a variety of reason and I can no longer allow animals to suffer for my food. I have been vegetarian for a year and it has not killed me and I have been studying for even longer.


Healthy earth and body ritual pledge


During a meditation it occured to me that I was not taking care of myself or doing my best to take care of the Earth so I did a pledge in order to dedicate myself to a healthy life and earth.

Place your hands over the pentacle

My body which the earth spent countless generations nuturing and molding, I swear to honor with good actions and thoughts to strengthen me in the name of the Goddess and God.

As to honor the earth ,the home of life, for this body I swear to do my part to keep the Earth for those who come after me to see.

Pick up the chalice

As to honor the oceans ,the birth place of all life, I swear to do all within in my power to keep it clean and pure for those who come after me to drink from and for the children of the ocean to live and love in.

Pick up incense or wand

As to honor the air, the maintainer of all life, I swear to do all within my power to keep it living and pure for those to take in who come after me and for the earth and all her mighty oceans.

Pick up candle or Athame

As to honor the Flame, the energry of all life, I will all within my power to keep it’s power from ruling more than is rightful to and return it to it’s rightful power.

Now keep hands in lap or by sides

My body and the earth are connected through the spirit, along with the oceans, the airs, and the sun. Let all the human race find balance through this