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First Impressions of Buffy


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a series often talked about in Geek circles in fact
that fanbase founded¬† Tv tropes. Not watching this series made me feel illeterate in ‘nerdom’ if that
is the correct term so I finally settles down to watch it and what were my

First, thing that stood out to me were the characters each¬† of them felt like real teenagers not the hollywood sterotypes that were too often seen on 90’s tv to even today. Everything from their strengths to their valunerabilitues as a nineteen year old girl I could see a piece of myself in every character on the screen even Giles. The one who ended up being my favorite was Willow, who I also saw myself in the most. The actors were also excellent. I would like to put the spotlight on Sarah Gellar the most.

I do not believe that Buffy would have been the character she was without being portyaed by Sarah Gellar. She is so wonderful at playing Buffy’s human side and still be a be a kick butt heroine. Too often when shows want to show the heroine’s valnurable side they end up going to the point where they undercut her strength.

That is not what happens with Buffy we see her fears, selfish actions, and emotions basiaclly everything a real sixteen year old girl is and she does not lose your strength because of it, but the fact she overcomes that makes her stronger. While the writing is at credit, I belive most of the praise for that does To Gellar
and her acting.

Along with realistic teen character is to mix it with teen problems with a supernatural twist. Ironically I felt that these issues from parental pressure to feeling ‘invisible’ was handled much better and with more tact thatn most normal teen dramas. One thing the show has a problem with is narm.

For those of you who don’t know narm is a term for when something that is suppose to be dramtitic or sad turns out to be funny. There is a lot of narm here. Moloch’s robot costume is basically a power ranger’s villian, The voodoo barbies, to the smoking kill’s sign, not to mention that despite the constant murders that no one is closing the school.

As you can tell, I enjoyed the show and will watch the other seasons and hopefull the comic as well