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Sailor Moon V, Volume 2 review


We continue our adventures with Minako and Atremis in the second and final volume of Sailor V. The over arching plot and the stories become more woven together. If you enjoy the light-hearted silliness of the first volume, you will not be dissapointed. From an evil plot to make girls fat to mosquito doctors who want your blood.

The story becomes more serious in it’s 11th hour, though there is seriousness in one of the stories involving a boy with a bad heart and hi surgery.

A new Character is introduced, Phantom Ace! A tv idol who is an ally to girls everywhere. He does everything to giving miracle instand weight loss candy to finishing a girl’s homework. The stories are actaully funnier to me than in the last volume. The fact that two involve cute animals is a bonus! My personal favorite is a story involving a manga creator, which I suspect was a lot of self parody on Naoko Takeuchi part.

The ending takes us to China and ends with a rather different mood than the one we have been experiencing, but it does not seem o clash with the tone. The last chapter is a treat for long time Sailor Moon fans.

This is a wonderful story and a must have for any Sailor Moon fan!


Sailor V, Volume 1, review!


If I could describe this manga in one word it would be energetic. Energy flows from the pages from the art, writing, comedy, action, heroine, and the side characters all rolled into one fun package, which is also another word I would use for this manga.

It center around Minako Aino, a fourteen year old girl, who thanks to the help of a white cat becomes the super heroine Sailor V! Minako is a rather unlikely hero she is whiny, boy obsessed, and would rather go
to the arcade than do schoolwork. Despite her flaws she is becomes enduring to the reader thanks to her cheerful attuide, humor, and genuinely good heart.

This story is the prequel to Sailor Moon and it does show. You can see the early concepts of Sailor Moon being made her with the most obvious is Usagi’s and Minako (Though I would say that Usagi is more demure than Minako in this) and also character designs can be scene like the General Inspector’s design being almost exactly like Rei’s. Also the story concept of bad guys stealing an energy from the humans and it is up to a Guardian of love and justice to stop it!

The over arching plot of Sailor V is not as woven in as Sailor Moon is. It is still there, but it is more of an
undercurrent than anything, at least for this volume. The main gist of all the chapters is that a villian is stealing energy and Minako has to stop it, while this could get repetitive with humor and creavity it never got stale for me. Since the plot is not woven in this allows for less serious stories and more of
a focuse on a screwball comedy aspect.

I would definitely recommend this to all Sailor Moon fans and to those who are not as long as the like good humor and a story that does not take itself too seriously.

I do not know Japanese or have the original Japanese copies of the manga so I can not comment
on the accuracy. I never persoanlly got confused at any point of reading it