It’s more than ritual and spells


Recently, I spoke to a woman who said that she was a dedicated Wiccan had not practiced in years. Why? Because she had not done rituals.

This is my thoughts. Rituals can be a wonderful and powerful thing, but they do not make me Pagan or what most of my practice is. My most constant ritual is when it is raining to go to my covered porch and sit on my swing, and just mediate and fell the engery of the rain.

Rain is very spirtualy important to me and I have a strong connect to thunder and lightening. I find the sound of thunder oddly comforting.

What does it mean to be Pagan? It you asked seven Pagans, you would likely get fourteen answers.

To me Paganism is about the Earth and your connection to its energies and using the energies to further your spiritual development.

I have not done a spell in years and do not feel the need for them. To me meditation and studying is far more important.

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