Thoughts on my favorite chant



Earth my body, Water my blood, Air by breathe, and Fire my spirit.

This is easily my favorite chant. It is so easy to remember and easily to visualize with during my daily mediations, Just easy to visual water flowing through your veins, and the fire burning inside you. I think each one of these lines mean something and I will break down what they mean to me personally.

Earth my body…

I love to visual my body becoming one with the earth energies. I think it has practical meanings as well. Your health is connected to the earth; from the air we breathe and to the food we eat. Are bodies live and our nourished by the earth and what she gives up and in return how we take care of her. Also our bodies are physical connection to the world around us and how we interact with it affects our environment, much how we effect the earth.

Water my blood….

Our emotions make up who and what we are. They are what control us and make us human. Even in our most logical moments emotions always play a factor. The heart was once believed to be the center of emotion, and now we know the heart is a pump for blood….but Still the association stays with us in cultural. Like emotions, if our blood spills out of control it means possible disaster to us. If it does not connect properly, or is blocked in some way to our heart (soul) it can also spell disaster. We have to allow our emotions to flow at a healthy rate and not over spill, like emotions.

Air my breathe…..

Air is the element of communication and intelligence. Must I say more? I guess I have to since I gave the others such decent entries. I’ll admit that air is the hardest element for my to relate to and is the least common element in my natal chart. With what we say we spread into the world, hopefully our ideas can be expresses freely, clearly and intelligently as possible. Let our ideas and thoughts be expressed like the wind and flow to the corners of the world. Will I am a blogger..Maybe I do understand the element better than I thought

Fire my spirit……

Fire is a very important element to be. I was born under a fire sign and my Matron is a fire goddess. Several weeks ago I posted a very emotional piece about my suicidal thoughts that ended with an experience with my matron and the element of fire. Fire is the element of passion and will. The will to keep on living and persisting despite all the efforts the world seems to put out in front of you in order to put out your flame, your passion and your inner light.


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