Thoughts on the violence as of late….


As many of you know where was a shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsion and an arson attack on a Msoque in Missouri. This is only when are nation is just starting to recover from the Aurora shootings.

All the violence seems to come so quickly after another. Of course there is violence everyday, but for such large scale assaults to come as close to one another. It almost feels like a punishment.

The loss, the anger, and the tears. Do many unaswered questions. It is at times like this I and many others look toward out spirtual belief for anwers, comfort, and just for some stability.

In dark irony though most of the attacks have been aimed at Religious places. Some people blame religion s the source of violence in itself, of course that is foolishness.

Humans can be violent about anything. There have been violence aimed at people for their poliitcal beliefs to their race or gender. I still say hate and fear is the root of violence.

However, I do not have the answers and neither shall I pretend too. All I can do is see, listen, and feel, as much as my mortal being allows me too.

All I observe is a world in pain and in need of community, love and healing. In this world we are so connected to one another, but at the same time so disconnected, by everything to politics to race.

My heart does ease when I read of communities coming together to express sorrow and share in one another pain. It is at times like this that human’s most basic desire is exposed and rare. The need of understanding, comfort, and love.

This is how I try yo make sense of something that does not make any.

Violence never has any reason behind it.


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  1. Blessings, Earthfae

    I was stunned by the Sikh murders — and put off at the explanation “Sikhs are mistaken for followers of Islam. That’s why they are targeted.” As far as I’m concerned, no one should be targeted. IMO, if people accept hate toward one religion, race, gender, etc., then they are opening the doors for other religions, races, genders, etc. to be hated and targeted.

    I’m not the smartest tack in the pack, but it seems to me, unless people are careful about hatred, history has a way of repeating itself.

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