Sailor Moon V, Volume 2 review


We continue our adventures with Minako and Atremis in the second and final volume of Sailor V. The over arching plot and the stories become more woven together. If you enjoy the light-hearted silliness of the first volume, you will not be dissapointed. From an evil plot to make girls fat to mosquito doctors who want your blood.

The story becomes more serious in it’s 11th hour, though there is seriousness in one of the stories involving a boy with a bad heart and hi surgery.

A new Character is introduced, Phantom Ace! A tv idol who is an ally to girls everywhere. He does everything to giving miracle instand weight loss candy to finishing a girl’s homework. The stories are actaully funnier to me than in the last volume. The fact that two involve cute animals is a bonus! My personal favorite is a story involving a manga creator, which I suspect was a lot of self parody on Naoko Takeuchi part.

The ending takes us to China and ends with a rather different mood than the one we have been experiencing, but it does not seem o clash with the tone. The last chapter is a treat for long time Sailor Moon fans.

This is a wonderful story and a must have for any Sailor Moon fan!


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