Korra Book 2 trailer transcript


(I will not be including comments from the audience, kept in mind I did not get everything, but I tried my best)

Presenter: It’s pro-bending night in Republic City and have we got a doozy for you! Fan favorites the Ferrets are about to take on (I cannot make out the team, but it sounds like) the Ruba lambs.

Bolin: Now we alll now that our last match was garbage, terrible even Pabu could do a better job!

Pabu: *Makes fire ferret noises

Bolin: But that’s in the past because when you back a fire ferret in the corner, well Mister, he comes out fighting! So let’s get out there and bend like there’s no tommorrow! Are you with me!

*Match begins

Presenter: Oh, the Fire Ferrets go in the water and right into the record books for the fastest knock out in pro-bending history!

*Bolin in the water

Bolin: Where is Mako when you need him!

*Cuts to high speed police chase

There is no dialouge during the chase

*After the care crashes

Mako: Looks like you had some car trouble. Good thing the police where here.

*cutes to plane landing

Asami: I think these planes are ready to ship.

Worker?: I hate to mention the rhino-elephant in the room, but sense your father was thrown in prison no company will work with us. We’re nearly bankrupt

Asami: Don’t worry I am going to the South Pole to find someone who can put future industries back on top!

*Cut to Air Temple island

There is no dialoug during the race

*Post race

Flag guy: *coughing* The Avatar is the winner!

Jinora: No fair! You can’t go into the Avatar state to win!

Tenzin: You did what! The Avatar state is to not be used as a booseter rocket! You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not apperciate!

*Cut to the South Pole

*Naga howling

KorraL Quiet Naga, or you’ll wake everyone up!

*Naga howls more

Bolin: What’s going on?

*Korra sees the spirit in the diastnace

Korra: What is that?

Mike or Byran (I think) Storyboards are done by Wakene?(I am not sure if I am spelling it right) He is too humble to say that.

*Some host says something that I cannot make out


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