A claymation retelling of Persephone


Transcript provided by me

Narrator/Bee : There was a time when flowers and crops grew all year round. The Goddess Demeter looked after them from her temple on Mount Olympus, home of the Gods, from there she would fly out from over the land and visit her daughter Persephone. The flowers around Persephone were always the sweetest. (light whisper) Your mother’s coming, Persephone.

Persephone: Everything’s so beautiful…so why am I unhappy? What’s missing? Where are you little God of love? Why havn’t you ever aimed at me with your arrow?

(Demeter Appears)

Persephone: Mother!

Demeter: You don’t want that God of love to ain his arrows at you. You’re far too young and those arrows will fade. I love you that’s all you need.

(Sounds of thunder)

Demeter: Your father, I’ll be back.

Zeus: Demeter, move a little, I may hit you.

Demeter: Zeus,my dear, you havn’t aimed a love arrow at me in years.

(Demeter takes Eros’s arrows)


Demeter: Why have you called me here?

Zeus: I heard our daughter sighing…and was about to send Eros here, until you graved him like chicked.

(Demeter grabs Eros’s ear)


Demeter: Just as well, I did then he’s going nowhere! You may manage the Gods and mortals, but I manage our daughter!

Zeus: Nobody talks to me like that! Eros SHOOT!

(sounds of pain come from the water, after the arrow falls in it)

Narrator/Bee: Then a new flower appeared. To me it didn’t look right, didn’t smell right, I tried to tell Persephone…but she ignored me then….

(Hades come up)

Narrator/Bee: Run! Persephone run!

(Persephone cries for her father, as she is being captured)

(as the earth closes)

Persephone: Help! Help me, father! mother!

Demeter: Persephone….

(starts searching)

Demeter: Persephone! Persephone!

(In the underworld)

Narrator/Bee: Hades, the God of the Underworld, had taken Persephone. She didn’t know what to think everything was so different. He looked after her though…which was more than his little assistant did with me!

Hades: Persephone….this is an unusual situation for the both of us…your beauty and my love for you these are new feelings….

Persephone: Hades! How dare you talk to me about my beauty and your love! You live under the ground! How can you be in love with me? You never seen me until today!

Hades: No, I have often watched you…reflected on you.

(Goes to the water)

Hades: Look, the God of love shot me and now your father has given me permission to marry you.

Persephone: I would rather die! You have stolen me from my mother!

Demter: Persephone, where are you? Persephone!

Persephone: Mother!

Demeter: Persephone! Persephone, wher are you? Persephone….

(Demeter goes to the mountian and Helios appears)

Demeter: Helios, I command you to help me! Where is Persephone? Who has taken my child?

Helios: Demeter, I will tell you what I know. Zeus has given Persephone to Hades to be his wife.

(Demeter gives a Darth Vader worthy NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

Helios: Demeter, Demeter, Hades will make a good husband. He is a king. Persephone will be a queen. The dead are more than the living so his kingdom is greater than all other kingdoms. She will reign forever

Demeter: AGGHH!

(In the underworld)

Hades: You have been without food or water for days. Please drink.

Persephone: You look different…

Hades: I feel different.

Persephone: So do I. Yes…but..is it fear or….happiness

Hades: I think you are happy here.

(Mount Olympus)

Zeus: I will pluck all your feathers, even though you are my wife!

Demeter: How dare you take her way from me!

Zeus: You are acting as if I sent our daughter to a common mortal…I gave her a king. She is old enough, it was time to leave. She needs over arms to hold her and from what I hear she seems to quite like it!

(May not be entirely accurate, I am having trouble making out what he is saying)

Demeter: No! NEVER

Zues: You won’t let go, will you!

Zeus: Hermes, HERMES!

Hermes: What is it, Great Zues?

Zeus: My wife…

Hermes: Fighting again?

Zeus: Mortals don’t know how lucky they are. When one of there wives get angry they break a plate or two! But this crazy woman is destroying the earth!

Hemes: Send her some roses.

Zeus: Roses? Where would I find roses? She has withered all the flowers, and the crops, and the trees! There is nothing growing on earth, anymore!

Hermes: NOTHING GROWING! What are the humans going to give us?

Zeus: Nothing! Soon they will die and we’ll be out of a job. Go to hades! Tell him that I am ordering him to send Persephone back to her mother, and quickly!

(Zeus then cries something that I cannot make out)

(In the under world)

Narrator/Bee: The more time Persephone spet with Hades, the happier she was…but she still missed her mother.

Hades: You are looking so lonely…is being my Queen upsetting you?

Persephone: My mother is casuing such suffering, if only she knew how happy I am here.

Hades: She doesn’t want to know. She wants you to be her’s and her’s alone

Persephone: But….I am no longer hers.

(Laughter as the scene transitions to the next)

Narrator/Bee: The furry and her sister’s interrupted to tell that Hermes had arrived

(Hades says something to Persephone that I cannot make out)

Narrator/Bee: So I followed them both…and nearly got caught. For Hermes to stand around with all those dead spirits, I knew it had to be important.

Hades: I am not giving her back. What does Zeus know about love? He changes lovers like others change tunics.

Hermes: Pppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaassssssssseeeeeeeeee! You have to send her back to her mother. You’ve seen what she is doing.

Hades: I am not intersted in what happens in the upper world.

Hermes: You should be because if there is not upperworld, your underworld will disappear.

Hades: Curse, Zeus, God of interference!

Hermes: I could suggest a way out for you.

Hades: What is it?

Hermes: Get Persephone to eat just one of these seeds and she’ll be able to stay with you for a month.

Hades: A month?, SHE IS MY WIFE!

Hermes: And Demeter is your mother-in-law! It is the perfect way to keep everyone happy. Just the one…

Hades: Just the one….

Narrator/Bee:”Just the one” He said. What would Hades do?

Hades: Persephone, listen to me. I have been ordered by your father to send you back to your mother.

Persephone: I’ve had enough of my father rulling my life. I love you! I don’t want to leave!

Hades: If you love me you will go….for now

Persephone: You don’t know my mother! She’ll never let me come back.

Hades: If you love me trust me….you will remember me by eating this.

(gives her the pomegranate)

(The Narrator/Bee is counting the seeds as she eats)

Persehone: Very much (she repeats this after eating each seed) I will remember you.

Narrator/Bee: Oh, no! It’s all going wrong! *stings Persephone*

Persephone: Ouch (she drops the Pomegrante)

Hades: leave it, It’s time for you to go.

(Upper world)

Narrator/Bee: So Persephone was free to go back to Demeter….

Demeter: Persephone, I look at the face I love the most and can’t get enough of it. Why are your lips so red? Did Hades give you anything to eat before you left?

Persephone: Just some Pomegrante

Demeter: Ah! How many seeds?

Persephone: just four

Demeter: Hades has tricked you! Now you will have to send four months of the year with him!

Persephone: Don’t be angry mother, I’ll be with you most of the time.

Demeter: What will I do without you? For those four months…..I’ll wither the plants, I’ll cover the earth with snow!

Persephone: Oh, Mother, I’ll be coming back!

Demeter: Only then will I make the plants blossom again. It will seem like a miracle..and everything on earth; people, animals, birds will know thay my Persephone has returned.

(Persephone throws a flower in the river)

Narrator/Bee: Each Month, Persephone would send a message to Hades

(Persephone and Hades say something that I cannot make out)

Demeter: It will soon be time for you to go to him.

Persephone: Just four months….and then I’ll be back

Demeter: Yes, and until then the wind will blow…and I shall cover the earth with snow.



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  1. I really enjoyed watching this! 🙂 It’ll be a great resource for little witchlings and their families. Thanks for posting 🙂

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