My Lithia Ritual


(This is a rather simple ritual)

Find an outside place and sit up an altar, I am just using the basic ritual tools for this.

Cast a circle.

Say this

All hail the sun, as he reaches his peak and brings the Earth to her full bounty.

Oh, Great Sun light my path and bring bounty to my spirit.

let the Earth and all her children rejoice in the warmth and nourishment you have given to us.

All hail the Green man, who roams, protects, and  understands the Earth and all her creatures remind us of our lost bound to the Earth and nature. Humans are not separate from nature, but a part of it

Mediate a bit, before banishing the circle.

Now use a grounding mediation as you walk around the earth. Visual your feet as roots and that you are connect to the Earth and all around you as you walk, slowly and listen.

Now, go home and cook something, give part of it as an offering.


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