Attack of the Drones


(Sorry for any deaf/HOH people reading tis blog, but there are no CC’s for this. I will write to Journeymenpictures and ask them to include them in the future)

This is a fascinating documentary about Drones. I have seen in the media surprisingly little debate about the ethics of this, especially since the only time you usually hear about it on the mainstream media is when a drone killed Pakistani civilians. One of the most telling moments of the video is when the reporter asks the officer if the American civilians whose cars they are tracking, for training have any idea. The officer gives a noticable pause before answering, No.

As this video shows robots are currently more advance than the general public realizes, soon the debate , that science fiction authors have being writing about for decades, about what the limits of machine’s should be will enter mainstream debate not only for about war and privacy, but when they start threating human jobs as well.

We will have to ask ourselves how much do we trust technology and machines.

Doe we trust them enough for them to make the choices between a human’s life  of death? To pull the trigger to bomb? What jobs we should let them do?

….. and many other things


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