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A claymation retelling of Persephone


Transcript provided by me

Narrator/Bee : There was a time when flowers and crops grew all year round. The Goddess Demeter looked after them from her temple on Mount Olympus, home of the Gods, from there she would fly out from over the land and visit her daughter Persephone. The flowers around Persephone were always the sweetest. (light whisper) Your mother’s coming, Persephone.

Persephone: Everything’s so beautiful…so why am I unhappy? What’s missing? Where are you little God of love? Why havn’t you ever aimed at me with your arrow?

(Demeter Appears)

Persephone: Mother!

Demeter: You don’t want that God of love to ain his arrows at you. You’re far too young and those arrows will fade. I love you that’s all you need.

(Sounds of thunder)

Demeter: Your father, I’ll be back.

Zeus: Demeter, move a little, I may hit you.

Demeter: Zeus,my dear, you havn’t aimed a love arrow at me in years.

(Demeter takes Eros’s arrows)


Demeter: Why have you called me here?

Zeus: I heard our daughter sighing…and was about to send Eros here, until you graved him like chicked.

(Demeter grabs Eros’s ear)


Demeter: Just as well, I did then he’s going nowhere! You may manage the Gods and mortals, but I manage our daughter!

Zeus: Nobody talks to me like that! Eros SHOOT!

(sounds of pain come from the water, after the arrow falls in it)

Narrator/Bee: Then a new flower appeared. To me it didn’t look right, didn’t smell right, I tried to tell Persephone…but she ignored me then….

(Hades come up)

Narrator/Bee: Run! Persephone run!

(Persephone cries for her father, as she is being captured)

(as the earth closes)

Persephone: Help! Help me, father! mother!

Demeter: Persephone….

(starts searching)

Demeter: Persephone! Persephone!

(In the underworld)

Narrator/Bee: Hades, the God of the Underworld, had taken Persephone. She didn’t know what to think everything was so different. He looked after her though…which was more than his little assistant did with me!

Hades: Persephone….this is an unusual situation for the both of us…your beauty and my love for you these are new feelings….

Persephone: Hades! How dare you talk to me about my beauty and your love! You live under the ground! How can you be in love with me? You never seen me until today!

Hades: No, I have often watched you…reflected on you.

(Goes to the water)

Hades: Look, the God of love shot me and now your father has given me permission to marry you.

Persephone: I would rather die! You have stolen me from my mother!

Demter: Persephone, where are you? Persephone!

Persephone: Mother!

Demeter: Persephone! Persephone, wher are you? Persephone….

(Demeter goes to the mountian and Helios appears)

Demeter: Helios, I command you to help me! Where is Persephone? Who has taken my child?

Helios: Demeter, I will tell you what I know. Zeus has given Persephone to Hades to be his wife.

(Demeter gives a Darth Vader worthy NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

Helios: Demeter, Demeter, Hades will make a good husband. He is a king. Persephone will be a queen. The dead are more than the living so his kingdom is greater than all other kingdoms. She will reign forever

Demeter: AGGHH!

(In the underworld)

Hades: You have been without food or water for days. Please drink.

Persephone: You look different…

Hades: I feel different.

Persephone: So do I. Yes… it fear or….happiness

Hades: I think you are happy here.

(Mount Olympus)

Zeus: I will pluck all your feathers, even though you are my wife!

Demeter: How dare you take her way from me!

Zeus: You are acting as if I sent our daughter to a common mortal…I gave her a king. She is old enough, it was time to leave. She needs over arms to hold her and from what I hear she seems to quite like it!

(May not be entirely accurate, I am having trouble making out what he is saying)

Demeter: No! NEVER

Zues: You won’t let go, will you!

Zeus: Hermes, HERMES!

Hermes: What is it, Great Zues?

Zeus: My wife…

Hermes: Fighting again?

Zeus: Mortals don’t know how lucky they are. When one of there wives get angry they break a plate or two! But this crazy woman is destroying the earth!

Hemes: Send her some roses.

Zeus: Roses? Where would I find roses? She has withered all the flowers, and the crops, and the trees! There is nothing growing on earth, anymore!

Hermes: NOTHING GROWING! What are the humans going to give us?

Zeus: Nothing! Soon they will die and we’ll be out of a job. Go to hades! Tell him that I am ordering him to send Persephone back to her mother, and quickly!

(Zeus then cries something that I cannot make out)

(In the under world)

Narrator/Bee: The more time Persephone spet with Hades, the happier she was…but she still missed her mother.

Hades: You are looking so lonely…is being my Queen upsetting you?

Persephone: My mother is casuing such suffering, if only she knew how happy I am here.

Hades: She doesn’t want to know. She wants you to be her’s and her’s alone

Persephone: But….I am no longer hers.

(Laughter as the scene transitions to the next)

Narrator/Bee: The furry and her sister’s interrupted to tell that Hermes had arrived

(Hades says something to Persephone that I cannot make out)

Narrator/Bee: So I followed them both…and nearly got caught. For Hermes to stand around with all those dead spirits, I knew it had to be important.

Hades: I am not giving her back. What does Zeus know about love? He changes lovers like others change tunics.

Hermes: Pppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaassssssssseeeeeeeeee! You have to send her back to her mother. You’ve seen what she is doing.

Hades: I am not intersted in what happens in the upper world.

Hermes: You should be because if there is not upperworld, your underworld will disappear.

Hades: Curse, Zeus, God of interference!

Hermes: I could suggest a way out for you.

Hades: What is it?

Hermes: Get Persephone to eat just one of these seeds and she’ll be able to stay with you for a month.

Hades: A month?, SHE IS MY WIFE!

Hermes: And Demeter is your mother-in-law! It is the perfect way to keep everyone happy. Just the one…

Hades: Just the one….

Narrator/Bee:”Just the one” He said. What would Hades do?

Hades: Persephone, listen to me. I have been ordered by your father to send you back to your mother.

Persephone: I’ve had enough of my father rulling my life. I love you! I don’t want to leave!

Hades: If you love me you will go….for now

Persephone: You don’t know my mother! She’ll never let me come back.

Hades: If you love me trust me….you will remember me by eating this.

(gives her the pomegranate)

(The Narrator/Bee is counting the seeds as she eats)

Persehone: Very much (she repeats this after eating each seed) I will remember you.

Narrator/Bee: Oh, no! It’s all going wrong! *stings Persephone*

Persephone: Ouch (she drops the Pomegrante)

Hades: leave it, It’s time for you to go.

(Upper world)

Narrator/Bee: So Persephone was free to go back to Demeter….

Demeter: Persephone, I look at the face I love the most and can’t get enough of it. Why are your lips so red? Did Hades give you anything to eat before you left?

Persephone: Just some Pomegrante

Demeter: Ah! How many seeds?

Persephone: just four

Demeter: Hades has tricked you! Now you will have to send four months of the year with him!

Persephone: Don’t be angry mother, I’ll be with you most of the time.

Demeter: What will I do without you? For those four months…..I’ll wither the plants, I’ll cover the earth with snow!

Persephone: Oh, Mother, I’ll be coming back!

Demeter: Only then will I make the plants blossom again. It will seem like a miracle..and everything on earth; people, animals, birds will know thay my Persephone has returned.

(Persephone throws a flower in the river)

Narrator/Bee: Each Month, Persephone would send a message to Hades

(Persephone and Hades say something that I cannot make out)

Demeter: It will soon be time for you to go to him.

Persephone: Just four months….and then I’ll be back

Demeter: Yes, and until then the wind will blow…and I shall cover the earth with snow.



This tale comes from Southern Nigeria

UDO UBOK UDOM was a famous king who lived at Itam, which is an inland town, and does not possess a river. The king and his wife therefore used to wash at the spring just behind their house.

King Udo had a daughter, of whom he was very fond, and looked after her most carefully, and she grew up into a beautiful woman.

For some time the king had been absent from his house, and had not been to the spring for two years. When he went to his old place to wash, he found that the Idem Ju Ju tree had grown up all round the place, and it was impossible for him to use the spring as he had done formerly. He therefore called fifty of his young men to bring their matchets and cut down the tree. They started cutting the tree, but it had no effect, as, directly they made a cut in the tree, it closed up again; so, after working all day, they found they had made no impression on it.

When they returned at night, they told the king that they had been unable to destroy the tree. He

[ A matchet is a long sharp knife in general use throughout the country. It has a wooden handle; it is about two feet six inches long and two inches wide.]

was very angry when he heard this, and went to the spring the following morning, taking his own matchet with him.

When the Ju Ju tree saw that the king had come himself and was starting to try to cut his branches, he caused a small splinter of wood to go into the king’s eye. This gave the king great pain, so he threw down his matchet and went back to his house. The pain, however, got worse, and he could not eat or sleep for three days.

He therefore sent for his witch men, and told them to cast lots to find out why he was in such pain. When they had cast lots, they decided that the reason was that the Ju Ju tree was angry with the king because he wanted to wash at the spring, and had tried to destroy the tree.

They then told the king that he must take seven baskets of flies, a white goat, a white chicken, and a piece of white cloth, and make a sacrifice of them in order to satisfy the Ju Ju.

The king did this, and the witch men tried their lotions on the king’s eye, but it got worse and worse.

He then dismissed these witches and got another lot. When they arrived they told the king that, although they could do nothing themselves to relieve his pain, they knew one man who lived in the spirit land who could cure him; so the king told them to send for him at once, and he arrived the next day,

Then the spirit man said, “Before I do anything to your eye, what will you give me? ” So King Udo, said, “”will give you half my town with the people in it, also seven cows and some money.” But the spirit man refused to accept the king’s offer. As the king was in such pain, he said, “Name your own price, and I will pay you.” So the spirit man said the only thing he was willing to accept as payment was the king’s daughter. At this the king cried very much, and told the man to go away, as he would rather die than let him have his daughter.

That night the pain was worse than ever, and some of his subjects pleaded with the king to send for the spirit man again and give him his daughter, and told him that when he got well he could no doubt have another daughter but that if he died now he would lose everything.

The king then sent for the spirit man again, who came very quickly, and in great grief, the king handed his daughter to the spirit.

The spirit man then went out into the bush, and collected some leaves, which he soaked in water and beat up. The juice he poured into the king’s eye, and told him that when he washed his face in the morning he would be able to see what was troubling him in the eye.

The king tried to persuade him to stay the night, but the spirit man refused, and departed that same night for the spirit land, taking the king’s daughter with him.

Before it was light the king rose up and washed his face, and found that the small splinter from the Ju Ju tree, which had been troubling him so much, dropped out of his eye, the pain disappeared, and he was quite well again.

When he came to his proper senses he realised that he had sacrificed his daughter for one of his eyes, so he made an order that there should be general mourning throughout his kingdom for three years.

For the first two years of the mourning the king’s daughter was put in the fatting house by the spirit man, and was given food; but a skull, who was in the house, told her not to eat, as they were fatting her up, not for marriage, but so that they could eat her. She therefore gave all the food which was brought to her to the skull, and lived on chalk herself.

Towards the end of the third year the spirit man brought some of his friends to see the king’s daughter, and told them he would kill her the next day, and they would have a good feast off her.

When she woke up in the morning the spirit man brought her food as usual; but the skull, who wanted to preserve her life, and who had heard what the spirit man had said, called her into the room and told her what was going to happen later in the day. She handed the food to the skull, and he said, “When the spirit man goes to the wood with his friends to prepare for the feast, you must run back to your father.”

He then gave her some medicine which would make her strong for the journey, and also gave her directions as to the road, telling her that there were two roads but that when she came to the parting of the ways she was to drop some of the medicine on the ground and the two roads would become one.

He then told her to leave by the back door, and go through the wood until she came to the end of the town; she would then find the road. If she met people on the road she was to pass them in silence, as if she saluted them they would know that she was a stranger in the spirit land, and might kill her. She was also not to turn round if any one called to her, but was to go straight on till she reached her father’s house.

Having thanked the skull for his kind advice, the king’s daughter started off, and when she reached the end of the town and found the road, she ran for three hours, and at last arrived at the branch roads. There she dropped the medicine, as she had been instructed, and the two roads immediately became one; so she went straight on and never saluted any one or turned back, although several people called to her.

About this time the spirit man had returned from the wood, and went to the house, only to find the king’s daughter was absent. He asked the skull where she was, and he replied that she had gone out by the back door, but he did not know where she had gone to. Being a spirit, however, he very soon guessed that she had gone home; so he followed as quickly as possible, shouting out all the time.

When the girl heard his voice she ran as fast as she could, and at last arrived at her father’s house, and told him to take at once a cow, a pig, a sheep, a goat, a dog, a chicken, and seven eggs, and cut them into seven parts as a sacrifice, and leave them on the road, so that when the spirit man saw these things he would stop and not enter the town. This the king did immediately, and made the sacrifice as his daughter had told him.

When the spirit man saw the sacrifice on the road, he sat down and at once began to eat.

When he had satisfied his appetite, he packed up the remainder and returned to the spirit land, not troubling any more about the king’s daughter.

When the king saw that the danger was over, he beat his drum, and declared- that for the future, when people died and went to the spirit land, they should not come to earth again as spirits to cure sick people.

The King and the Ju Ju tree

My Lithia Ritual


(This is a rather simple ritual)

Find an outside place and sit up an altar, I am just using the basic ritual tools for this.

Cast a circle.

Say this

All hail the sun, as he reaches his peak and brings the Earth to her full bounty.

Oh, Great Sun light my path and bring bounty to my spirit.

let the Earth and all her children rejoice in the warmth and nourishment you have given to us.

All hail the Green man, who roams, protects, and  understands the Earth and all her creatures remind us of our lost bound to the Earth and nature. Humans are not separate from nature, but a part of it

Mediate a bit, before banishing the circle.

Now use a grounding mediation as you walk around the earth. Visual your feet as roots and that you are connect to the Earth and all around you as you walk, slowly and listen.

Now, go home and cook something, give part of it as an offering.