It gets worse every year


Allergies are getting worse every year and I can tell that as a long life allergy suffer myself. My sneezes are becoming much louder to the point where they distract and annoy people nearby. I hate that and some think I am doing it on purpose when I cannot help it. To me the worse part of it has been the almost constantly dry throat, which has already suffered strep twice since last November.

The over-the counter meds do not work for me anyomre. My doctor recently put me on Claritin and that seems to be working…though I have been a shut-in for the last few days.

Allergies are not my only worsening problems, I have always been photosensitive staying out in hot weather for a few hours has always given me migraines. Now, I can not go out and drive in my car for ten minutes without gaining a headache thanks to the sun. I am looking into getting my windows tinted and buying a parasol.

Soon, I fear my only option will be living in a titnted bubble during the Spring and Summer


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